Detailed Agenda for February FHBig Meeting

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The next meeting for FHBig will be held Thursday, February 7th at 1:00pm in Arnold M4-A805/A817. We will be hosting Jason Underwood and Elizabeth Tseng from Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) who will be discussing long-read next generation sequencing, SMRT-seq technology. The Fred Hutch Genomics Core is now offering SMRT-seq on the Sequel System, so please join if this is a technology you would like to begin using, have already used, or simply would like to learn more about.


  1. Refreshments (~ 10 min)
  2. SMRT-seq Technology: Applications and Use Cases, by Jason Underwood and Elizabeth Tseng
  3. Question + Answer with Jason and Elizabeth

Jason and Liz will give a talk about long-read SMRT-seq technology. Topics of interest were decided by a slack doodle poll and will focus on 2 main topics: structural variant detection and full length cDNA sequencing for novel isoform discovery. There will be slides on each topic but also time for discussion and questions. Liz is a computational biologist at Pacific Biosciences and will also be available for answering questions on data analysis and available software. They will be available at the Hutch for most of Friday if you would like to set up a meeting about using SMRT sequencing for your research.

About our guests:

Jason holds a PhD in molecular biology from UCLA and is a tech dev biochemist/molecular biologist for PacBio. Jason spent 2010-2013 in PacBio R&D during the development of the early template prep reagents and, as a long time card carrying RNA lover, he became the primary wet lab developer of PacBio’s RNAseq product, Iso-Seq or isoform-sequencing, a method for full length sequencing of cDNAs. After a stint in academia as director of tech dev for the UW genome center, he returned to PacBio where for the last 3+ years he has worked as a principal scientist stationed in Seattle working closely with faculty in UW Genome Sciences and at the Hutch. He lives in Seattle and really likes to ski.

Liz holds a PhD in computer science from UW and is a principal scientist in bioinformatics for PacBio. She was the primary architect behind the analysis side of Iso-Seq and has developed a number of additional tools that utilize the long cDNA information. These include IsoPhase for haplotyping using full-length transcript isoforms and Cogent for identifying and reconstructing gene families without a reference genome. She lives in San Francisco and is an amateur circus performer.

Contact Information

The organizer contact information and Microsoft outlook calendar invite can be found at the Centernet Events Calendar. For Pop-Ups and Book Clubs that are happening currently, visit the FHBig calendar or #co-working-polls channel on slack.