How to Start a Co-Working Group

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FHBig was created to exchange knowledge, support each other, and improve collaboration and innovation across different groups at the Hutch.

Members can provide and recieve peer-to-peer support in bioinformatics and data science by freely organizing co-working groups, book clubs, journal clubs, hackathons, code reviews, etc. The guidelines on setting up a small group are below.

To Create a Co-working Group

  1. Create a poll on the #co-working-polls channel.

  2. Start a thread from your poll on #co-working-polls for your group messages. Decide on meeting time(s) and getting set up. Use this thread as the main contact point for organizational decisions, since it will notify all participants of the poll.

  3. Email Amy Paguirigan ( apaguiri ) for space if you need it, or meet in the Weintraub atrium. The Coop Studio space will be available in January.

  4. Post a link to the thread on the #general channel to invite people to come join. Include time and place of the group meeting in the announcement.

  5. Any information and chatter the co-working group wants to share with the rest of the community should go into channels for communities that the group might think relevant (r-user-comm, python-user-comm, clonality-comm, etc), AND/OR as a blog post on the FHBig website.

About Slack

For more information on polls, see the Simple Poll FAQ. To start threads on Slack messages, see the documentation. FHBig specific information on the Slack workspace is found at the blog post on slack channels.

About Meeting Spaces

Amy Paguirigan’s room is in M4-A220 in the Arnold Building and she can offer up a monitor, computer (mac or pc), a marker board, and a table for up to about 6-7 people for Pop Up workshops or office hours. The blog post from fall has more information.

The Coop Studio reservations are TBD.