Detailed Agenda for July Meeting

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The next meeting for FHBig will be held on Thursday, July 5th at 1:00pm in Arnold M4-A805/A817.

Agenda for lightning talks:

  1. Uncertainty in RNA-seq Data: Examining 6 GTEX and TCGA datasets, by Sonali Arora
  2. A Feature Selection Method for Vertical Integrative Analysis of Multi-Assay Genomic Data, by Dror Berel

Sonali Arora will discuss her findings on TCGA and GTEx RNA-Seq datasets produced by six independent scientific groups. Each group downloaded the raw fastq files from these two projects and processed the samples using their own pipelines. In this quick presentation, she will discuss how different bioinformatic pipelines impact gene expression and how the end results vary because of these pipelines.

Dror Berel will discuss vertical integrative multi-assay genomic data analysis, which combines multiple sources of genomic assays (e.g. RNA-seq, CNV, genotyping, methylation) for the same set of samples. He will present a two-step approach to feature selection for use in penalized regression modeling, to allow for balanced use of data from assays of different sizes (number of analytes), and provides ease of interpretation of the results.