Detailed Agenda for June Meeting

1 minute read

The next meeting for FHBig will be held on Thursday, June 7th at 1:00pm in Arnold M4-A805/A817.

A) We will be hosting a lightning talk by Mike Meers from the Henikoff lab that will cover the basics of CUT&RUN. His talk with focus on important aspects of analysis approaches, such as comparisons with ChIP-seq data, and existing and new analysis techniques for QC, detecting enriched regions, and elucidating direct factor binding at base-pair resolution.

B) Following Mike’s talk, we will reserve time to have an open discussion about planning upcoming activities for FHBig (and beyond). To prepare for the discussion, here are some ideas to think about (additional suggestions appreciated!):

  • Coordinating group: Bring together members from different parts of FHBig to help organize, propose and collect ideas for FHBig.
  • Co-working/study Groups: sit and work together, weekly or bi-weekly, etc.
    • Each group has volunteer coordinators.
  • Regular happy hour/barter time
  • Mentorship: pair-up volunteered, experienced bioinformaticians with whoever need mentorship.
    • This could be for new comers, students, or even professional bioinformaticians. Meet bi-weekly or monthly for lunch.
  • StackOverflow for FredHutch Computing support.
    • Use jointly with FredHutch.IO, SciComp, Data Science affinity group, ATME, and FHBig?
  • Blog (FHBig.IO): Any members of FredHutch GitHub can write posts.
  • Common workspace hours.
    • D3-161 almost always empty.