Detailed Agenda for October FHBig Meeting

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The next meeting for FHBig will be held Thursday, October 4th at 1:00pm in Arnold M4-A805/A817. We are happy to host Chao-Jen Wong as our speaker, who will discuss her work with Assay for Transposase Accessible Chromatin (ATAC-Seq) data analysis.


  1. ATAC-seq Data Analysis Pipeline and Discussion, by Chao-Jen Wong.
  2. Discussion on Expanding FHBig to Seattle Area Institutions.

ATAC-seq is a high-throughput sequencing method for assaying chromatin accessibility genome-wide. Chao-Jen Wong will talk about guidelines for creating a data pre-processing pipeline and peak calling. Involved software includes cutadapt, bowtie2, picard.jar, and MACS2. In addition, a shell script for the pipeline will be provided and posted on the Fred Hutch SciWiki. The ATAC-seq talk will be an informal presentation on the topic (~10-15 min) with time for discussion and questions. Finally, we will open a group discussion on the possibility of expanding FHBig to the wider Seattle area bioinformatics community.

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