Running R Script in Batch Mode on Rhino

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Running R script in batch mode is conveninent when using slurm scheduler: one comment would do the work: sbatch my_code.R or sbatch -M beagle --exclusive -n1 my_code.R. But unlike using Rscript my_code.R, you need to (1) start first line of your R script with a shebang indicating the path of Rscript, and (2) change the mode of the script as an executable: chmod +x my_code.R. With these two steps, you can do sbatch my_code.R.

R script with shebang

Choose R version of your preference on Rhino. Here I am using R/3.5.1-foss-2016b-fh1. First line of your R script should start with shebang indicating the path of Rscript:

print("hello world!")

Running R in batch mode

On commend line, you can run my_code.R like the following:


Or run my_code.R as an executable by changing its mode:

chmod g+x my_code.R

I use g+x so that my lab members can also use it as an executable.

Sending batch script to slurm

If your R scripts means to analyze rather large dataset, you can conveniently send your R script as batch script to slurm. For example:

sbatch my_code.R
sbatch -M beagle my_code.R

By Chao-Jen Wong