Detailed Agenda for September Meeting

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The next meeting for FHBig will be held on, Thursday, Sept 6th at 1:00pm in Arnold M4-A805/A817. Jenny Zhang will be hosting a discussion on deploying Shiny applications using the Fred Hutch pipeline developed by Scientific Computing. Shiny is an open source R package that provides a framework for building web applications; Shiny can be used to transform data analyses into interactive web applications without needing to code in HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

In addition, Jenny will provide a demonstration of the workflow with detailed explanation about each step in the process. This will be followed by an interactive Pop-Up Session led by Jenny on Friday Sept. 7th at 12pm in M4-A220. This would be a great opportunity to learn about Shiny and its many uses, then get some hands-on experience in the Pop-Up.

Agenda for Talks/Demos:

  1. Deploying A Shiny Application using the Fred Hutch Pipeline, by Jenny Zhang

This will be a structured discussion with a moderator to assist with questions and ensure that as many questions as possible are answered in detail.


  1. Fall Pop-up Schedule is Released: We are hosting Pop-ups through the Fall where we can get together and learn by doing. The FHBig blog has instructions on getting one started.

  2. Book Club: A new book club is available to join. Members will be covering material from the book “Data Science on the Google Cloud Platform”, led by Jenny Zhang.

  3. FHBig Events Calendar: Now you can keep track of FHBig Meetings, Fall Pop-ups, and book clubs in one place. See the calendar page.