Three Useful Channels in the FHBig Slack

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How can you receive information and communicate with COOP Community members without exploring hundreds of conversations across several Slack channels? These three channels can save you some hassle: #general, #co-working-polls and #question-and-answer.

ProTip: Anyone who has,, and email address can join without invitation. The list can be expended upon request.


We use this channel to make announcements, display the weekly calendar and ask general questions. It’s a great place to make your voice reach most COOP/FHBig members.

ProTip: To mention or notify everyone on the channel, embed @everyone or @channel in your message.

ProTip: Threads allow us to reply directly to a message, preserve context and encourage conversation without distracting a channel's flow. To start a thread, hover over the message and click the Start a thread icon.


This channel is for curating ideas for co-working projects, forming or joining co-working groups/journal clubs, and finding lunch buddies. You are strongly encouraged to create a poll and find people with similar interests. Here is an example of making a poll:

/poll Who wants to join a journal club on Thursday, October 18
at 1am at Arnold’s Atrium? “Yes” “Maybe”

Info: If you form your group of interest and need a meetup space, email Amy Paguirigan,


This is the place to ask questions related to scientific computing, bioinformatics, statistics, data sciences, programming or anything technical/academic. And please help us and share your knowledge here as well.

More info

  • How to join a channel? Click Channel on the sidebar to search exisiting channel. Then select to join the channel of your interest.
  • How to send private messages? Direct Messages allows you to send private messages to one or multiple members.
  • Interested in hackathon? Some members have already started conversation about NCBI-style hackathon on #event-organizing.
  • How to announce a new channel? Please announce and mention everyone (i.e., @channel or @everyone) on #general so that people know its existance.
  • How to invite people? You can send this link to invite people:

FHBig is a self-organized community providing peer-to-peer support. Please feel free to throw out ideas or form your group of interest. If you need help finding meeting space, please contact coordinators Chao-Jen Wong, Jenny Smith or Amy Paguirigan. We will try our best to provide support.