Agenda for Second Meeting

less than 1 minute read

Our next FHBig meeting on Wed Jan 17th, 11am in M1A303 (Arnold). Below is the proposed agenda:

  1. Some people haven’t joined our Slack channel. Should we continue to use emails etc to be inclusive?
  2. Request for volunteers to set up and run a poll to determine times and days of meetings and next activities.
  3. Request for volunteers to help set up and run the FHGig Github pages.
  4. Choose group activities (and volunteer coordinators) to get started with. Some examples:
    • tutorial(s) on modules/Docker/AWS/etc. from SciComp, followed by co-learning groups
    • tutorials on how to manage and use our Github/Slack/etc. resources
    • Subject-specific co-study groups (e.g. ‘clonal evolution analysis’, or ‘data integration methods’, or ‘simulation modeling’, etc.)