Highlights of FHBig in 2018

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first meeting note
This is where FHBig begins

Almost a year ago we organized two community meetings and set up goals for FHBig. Together we have built a supportive community encouraging knowledge exchange and cross-group cooperation. Here are some highlights of our effort in 2018:

  • two community meetings
  • created communication channel: gh-pages (fhbig.io), slack, and email list
  • lightning talks given by volunteers:
Speaker/Organizers Topics
Lisa McFerrin github repo
Dror Berel multi-assay genome data
HDC rock block data lake and Globus
Ben Busby (NCBI) / Sean Madan / DSAG the future is now
Amy paguirigan data management Synapse and use case of Globus
Sonali Arora uncertainly in large RNA-seq data
Mike Meers Cut&Run
Jenny Smith and SciComp (Dan) analysis pipeline on AWS
Jenny Zhang and IT (Robert) shinny app deployment
Chao-Jen Wong ATAG-seq analysis pipeline / how to slack
Mi-Youn Brusniak informatics analysis of heterogenous protein data
  • book club: data science on google cloud platform
  • pop-up workshops: plyrange(Bioconductor) and shinny app(R)
  • co-working groups: wiki, DNA-seq workflow on AWS
  • supports on slack channels