Note From the Second Meeting

1 minute read

The second meeting is the last meeting before we get onto actions as a group. Further discussions and polls about lightning-talks and activities will continue on the slack channel. At this meeting we have asked for volunteers to coordinate certain tasks and discussed polls and potential group activties.

  1. Making polls for decision making. Use slake simple poll for meeting schedule and activities. Invistigate tools to curate topics of interest for activities and to track user feedback on poll.
  2. Using slack as main communication channel. Only send out email as a reminder for the meetings.
  3. Coordinators:
    • Poll coordinators: Amy Paguirigan
    • Slack owner - Chao-Jen Wong, Amy Paguirigan and Jenny Smith
    • Lightning- talk coordinator: Jenny Smith
    • Co-study groups?
    • (gh-page) : Lisa McFerrin, Sean Bennett, Jenny Smith and Chao-Jen Wong
    • Public maling list: Jenny Smith and Chao-Jen Wong
    • Meeting note taker: Pattie Galipeau
  4. Personal profiles on github wiki: We are trying to form a picture of who know what and whom. Please edit your expertise on FHBig’s github wiki. Ask SciComp to add your github account to FredHutch’s github and add you to FHBig team.
  5. Group activities:
    • Coordinate a poll to suggest group activities.
    • Certainly people are interested in learning Ducker and AWS. We agree to ask SciComp to give toturials.
    • Lightgning-talks: Dror’s mulit-omic R/Biocondutor package, gh-page and slack protocols, and etc. Whether you like to suggest topics or give a take, please make proposals on the slack lightning_talk channel. - Subject-specific co-study group (e.g. ‘clonal evolution analysis’, or ‘data integration methods’, or ‘simulation modeling’, etc.)
  6. Common workspace: A place where we gather to work and help each other, huh! Matt has scouted a potential place in the library. We will try to see how it works out in the next couple weeks.
  7. Outreach: How do we outreach to new comers? Brian Claywell ( has a mailing list that we reach out to people who might be interested. (do i miss something here…)
  8. About The (now as is a blog page to share knowledge and information. It will also consolidate center-wide, bioinformatics-related (but not restricted to) seminars and traning information on the “News” static page. Please contact maintainers for contribution protocols.

Please let me know if I miss anything.