Summary of the Lean Coffee Meeting in October

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Sticky notes collected from the lean coffee meeting on 10/4/2018.

On October 4th, 2018, FHBig hosted a lean coffee meeting gathering thoughts from our members about FHBig’s future activities and direction. Below is the summary and follow-ups:

  • Better use of Beagle on Rhino/Gizmo

Follow-up: SciWiki has a page about beagle usage: How to Beagle.

  • Illumina’s methyl-seq and other methylation methods?

Action: Should we create a co-working poll asking people around?

  • A lot of different groups forming/established. How to integrate or not?

Follow-up: COOP is working on integrating groups with similar insterest (bioinformatics and data science) .

  • Building pipelines on AWS

Follow-up: SciComp/Sam/Amy/Jenny huddle up to build workflow on AWS using scientific workflow engine.

  • Should FHBig invite peple from UW/ISB/Allen, etc?

Follow-up: We already have members from other institution. Please invide people who are interested in FHBig.


Follow-up: The COOP is hosting a community-focused NCBI-style Hackathon in February. Propose a project here.

  • Journal club

Follow-up: We will start our first journal club on Feb. and discuss DNA-seq data. Please make proposal on slace so that we can keep the journal club going.

Miscellaneous topics

  • Should FHBig organize tutorials?
  • Topics in data science you are passinate about or interested in
  • Protips for commonly used programs like picard, granges, and etc
  • More lightning talk on demo of people’s day-to-day work
  • Technical application focused groups?
  • How do we start office hour?
  • Journal club


  • Find experts of picard and bioconductor and offer pop-up workshops
  • Create co-working-polls to find peple interested in methyl-seq and methods
  • Organize pop-up workshops for day-to-day works and journal clubs. But what specific topics should we cover? Please post requests on #co-working-poll or even #general channel on slack and we can ask local experts to help us.
  • It is highly encouraged to create an interest and co-working group of your interest. The blog post, How to Start a Co-working Group, suggests the tactics and resources.