Retiring the Coop and transitioning to Hutch Data Core Training

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Written by: Kate Hertweck - Bioinformatics Training Manager (2018-2021)

As announced in our last community update, we have joined Shared Resources as a part of the newly formed Hutch Data Core. We are currently in the process of transitioning our work related to data-intensive training and community to align with the goals of this new group. Read on to learn what this means for you and how you communicate with us about your computational and data research needs!

We are retiring the name “The Coop” (and Fred Hutch Bioinformatics and Data Science Cooperative), and in the future will refer to our team’s activities as Hutch Data Core Training. We are also beginning the process of retiring and redirecting all traffic to our websites (both internal/Centernet pages, as well as public-facing sites), as well as the coophelp email address.

Moving forward, please use the following mechanisms for learning about training opportunities and other resources being developed by the Hutch Data Core:

  • Contact hutchdatacore to connect with staff involved in training, documentation, pipelines, and visualization.
  • Watch for the new, public-facing Hutch Data Core website being developed as a part of the Shared Resources web redesign project for information about Core activities.
  • Join the Slack workspace for the bioinformatics and computational research community. This discussion forum is open to Fred Hutch employees and affiliates, as well as collaborators at other institutions and colleagues from the greater Seattle area. Use this link to join!
  • Visit the Fred Hutch Biomedical Data Science Wiki to learn about data and computational research resources available to you. A new section featuring resources from Hutch Data Core will be launching soon!

Please be patient with us as we implement updates across our websites related to these changes.

I have been one of the regular contributors to this blog since its creation in 2019. As I leave the Hutch and my position as bioinformatics training manager, I would like to add a personal note of thanks to the Fred Hutch data-intensive research community for their engagement and cooperation over the last three years. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with you, and look forward to seeing how community-supported resources continue to develop in the future.

Kate Hertweck