The Carpentries Instructor Training at Fred Hutch

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Written by: Kate Hertweck - Bioinformatics Training Manager (2018-2021)

The Carpentries is a non-profit organization that teaches computing and data skills to researchers worldwide. Through a membership with The Carpentries, Fred Hutch is able to periodically host a two-day Instructor Training workshop, which aims to introduce you to evidence-based best-practices of teaching and prepare you to use these skills in teaching Carpentries-style workshops.

Following completion of this training, attendees are encouraged to complete the checkout procedure to become fully certified as a Carpentries instructor. Additional opportunities to gain teaching experience are also available through

Not sure if this training is for you? Please keep in mind that you don’t have to have expert coding skills to benefit from this training! Your attendance at this workshop will help you:

  • Develop a solid understanding of how to teach computational methods for both classroom and outreach activities
  • Learn about educational psychology, which benefits both you and your future students
  • Build your teaching skills by practicing teaching coding and data skills to other class participants
  • Show evidence of proficiency in teaching methods, as attendance (and especially certification!) is a great addition to your resume or CV

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming instructor training event, please complete this form. For more information on upcoming trainings, please watch the Coop newsletter and Slack.

Note: given the current requirement to work from home, the spring 2020 training session will be available online.