Community highlight! Dror Berel’s Blog!

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Written by: Lauren Wolfe -

This week the Coop Blog is excited to highlight Dror Berel and his blog! Dror worked at Fred Hutch from 2016 through 2019 as a statistician. Dror’s an expert in implementing machine learning to highly-dimensional, multi-modal data. While at Fred Hutch he developed JDRFCAV, a feature selection method for vertical integrative analysis of multi-assay genomic data. Currently, Dror is working on more machine learning projects as a senior statistician at eBay.

Dror regularly shares his knowledge by writing articles and posting them on Medium and having coded in R and Python for 15 years he has some interesting thoughts to share! His posts generally focus on software development and analysis in R, lately with a focus on COVID-19 data. Check out Dror’s recent post on creating an animated bar chart using COVID-19 death count data.