Coop Customer Survey

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Written by: The Coop Team - Fred Hutch Bioinformatics & Data Science Cooperative

Fred Hutch is currently evaluating its approach to supporting data-intensive research (often called data science). As part of this work, we ran a “customer survey” in January to help tell the story of the Coop and We sent the survey out to our community via Slack, email, and word of mouth, and our response rate wasn’t too shabby given the short turnaround. We had 53 respondents from a range of divisions and groups:

Group # of Respondents
Basic Sciences Division 2
Human Biology Division 4
Public Health Sciences Division 6
Clinical Research Division 9
Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division 14
Administrative Division 7
UW 1

We asked three sets of questions to get information on (1) use of resources generated by Coop and, (2) the impact/importance of Coop and, and (3) general comments and thoughts.

Use of Resources

“In the last 6 months, how often have you attended or engaged in the following Coop-supported activities?”


“Indicate your level of agreement with the following statements”


We received dozens of comments from respondents about the impact of the Coop and A few of our favorites:

  • “Every code issue I’ve posted on the Slack channel has been responded to within a few hours, and usually solved in a day or two.”
  • “The Coop has been a fantastic resource for networking. I wish it had existed when I started at the Hutch over 7 years ago.”
  • “I have found a community of like-minded folks that care as much about programming as they do the data and getting results. I have attended multiple meetings where I was able to get interesting ideas that improved my approach to a problem and share my ideas to help others resolve their issues. By getting out of our silos, I believe my life as a Hutchian has been much improved.”
  • “I believe that an organization like The Coop is essential for the continued success of the center as a whole, as well as myself as an individual researcher.”
  • “The Coop is awesome! Love how it brings all the data/viz/informatics people together and also connects us with resources in the form of SciComp staff (who are amazing) + training opportunities. Thank you for your efforts.”

Underlying data

In the last 6 months, how often have you attended or engaged in the following Coop-supported activities?

Resource Never Rarely Sometimes Often Daily
Coop Slack 6 11 14 12 10
Office hours 22 15 13 3 0
Website/blog 16 15 16 6 0
Newsletter 3 10 19 21 0 classes 19 11 13 10 0
Biomed Wiki 16 8 15 11 3
Monthly Coop meeting 9 11 17 16 0

Indicate your level of agreement with the following statements

Statement Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree
The Coop helps me learn about resources and activities for data-intensive science at the Hutch 2 1 6 17 27
The Coop helps me improve my data and computational skills 2 2 10 21 18
The Coop helps me network with other Hutch researchers working on similar topics. 2 2 9 18 22
I have used methods and/or skills learned from Coop activities in my research 2 5 15 16 15
The Coop is an important and valuable resource for Hutch researchers. 2 1 3 11 36

Thanks for supporting our community, and stay tuned for more information!