Supercharge your research with open science meeting 1: Beginning the conversation

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Written by: Lauren Wolfe -

The Coop is pleased to publish our first post in a ten-post series inspired by this Nature article on how to transition a lab to better facilitate open science! For more information on the motivation behind this series please see the series introduction post.

Meeting 1: Beginning the conversation

Motivating questions:

  • What does a team workflow using open data science look like?
  • What does the transition to this system look like?

Goals to keep in mind:

  • Transition into open data science incrementally.
  • Involve peer-to-peer learning and online communities in your plan.


Discussion prompts:

  • How do we approach reproducibility, collaboration, and communication?

Related work at the Hutch:

Changing the way you do things is intimidating! Luckily Fred Hutch has resources to help!

Up Next

  • How do we store and share our data, methods and code?